This portable home air purifier uses the same filtration technology

This portable home air purifier uses the same filtration technology

The idea of ​​unintentionally ingesting alien bacteria in a home might sound like the tale of a ridiculously low-budget Hollywood movie, but the reality is just about it. You don’t really know what kind of air you’re breathing at House Station, so it’s safe to say that the ISS is equipped with air filters and sterilizers that take absolutely no chances. Known as photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO, this technique destroys any type of germ or natural compound, turning it into CO2 and water.

The technology usually seems like overkill to use inside our homes on planet Earth, but considering deteriorating air quality, the presence of pathogens, and a whole host of different natural compounds (smoke even)… What makes something better in the air is the air purifier that gives you the cleanest breath possible.

Meet the AIR6Plus, a tiny air purifier that purifies air down to 0.001 micrometers inside an area of ​​360 square feet without producing any sound and even no waste. It comes with a pre-filter that is washable and infinitely reusable, and the air purifier itself can eliminate anything, from smoke odors to the exact same germs and viruses… Uses a similar technique. Germ War.

The AIR6Plus air purifier belongs to the measure of a good speaker and can be placed anywhere inside the house. It turns on with the direct touch of a button on the highest, activating the state-of-the-art purification system with three fan speeds – Sleep, Regular, Turbo.

Air is sucked in from below and it first makes its approach by a washable, reusable prefilter that traps particulate matter, preparing it for a later stage. The air then makes its approach in a chamber that uses a patented 3D PCO multiplier, allowing any natural compounds from microbes to odor molecules, and from mold to formaldehyde and even smoke.

How to successfully destroy In fact, unbiased examinations have proven its ability to reduce the virus from 100% to just below 0.07%, just like the MS2 RNA virus, making it able to actually disinfect and sterilize the air.

The air is then overtaken by the silent fan and in the final stage, where the unfavorable ions are used to wash the air one last time, eliminating 99.9% of PM2.5 aerosol pollution without producing any ozone. The purified air finally makes it out to the highest, protecting 360 square feet or the scale of your typical lounge.

In addition to its state-of-the-art PCO technology, the spotlight of the AIR6Plus air purifier is its compact and easy-to-use design. As tall as the Amazon Echo, the air purifier is small and surprisingly silent. Unlike individual PCO purifiers, which tend to supply ozone as a by-product, the AIR6Plus generates no ozone or waste in its purification/sterilization process, and even on base wash.

Also saves money on qualified prefilters, so you can easily flush out mud and dirt under normal tap water. The AIR6Plus {electrical} is also eco-friendly at the consumption entrance, requiring 13W of power (which is a bit more than your typical LED bulb). The AIR6Plus ships in three colors, priced at $199, and for an additional $89 you can probably even snag the AIRbox, a smaller model of air purifier that’s appropriately matched to your car!

Powered by 3D PCO (photocatalytic oxidation technology that the house station additionally uses), regressive ion technology and nano PCO washable filters, the AIR 6+ can break particle measurements down to 0.001um (μm) with no maintenance cost.

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