New tracking technology report for MH370 deserves support

New tracking technology report for MH370 deserves support

Unlike any other journalist, I have been recounting the tragic loss of MH370 from the moment it was reported missing.

I was in New York filming a documentary on the history of Boeing and my telephone came alive with several messages that only repeated four words; Interview, MH370, 777, and Malaysia.

So began a seven-year journey of hope and despair as the unimaginable discovery grew and dwindled.

Leading that journey to the depths of despair is a flood of utterly strange conspiracy theories and the disappearance of the book’s infinite publication — 130.

It would have been easy for this web site to publish all this garbage and generate additional site visitors for the position – as many newspapers and websites have done – but our position would have been negligible.

Sadly, much of MH370’s security is run through weblog websites that are largely free of litigation. Many commentators are usually not educational, smart, educated or on the street, however much they want to have their say.

And if they are not heard, they will scream almost like an out-of-control kindergarten.

At we have nevertheless tried to look at every claim, every opinion at every turn and publish only those that can be credible.

Censorship? There is no simple common sense because we are not garbage sellers.

Our editorial team – each staff and visitor – has over 200 years of expertise and is likely to be among the most respected in aviation with over 60 worldwide awards and over 40 books to our credit score and our obligations. important and defend their position. .

There have been some great heroes in their search for the truth about MH370. The fair group’s founding father, Duncan Metall, has included Mike Exner, Victor Innello, Don Thompson and Richard Godfrey, all of whom have made substantial contributions to the search as the crew at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau led by Peter Foley. Is. Which was also maligned by a large section of the media.

Then there is Blaine Gibson, professor of coastal oceanography led by Charita Pattiarachi and the College of Western Australia who has discovered too many particles or raised the profile of the same to search for local ones.

That work has enabled drift modeling work that now confirms – with satellite TV for PC information – the final resting place of MH370.

But some irresponsible commentators accused him of particulate.

Another shining light is CSRIO’s David Griffin, who has also done some sensible work on drift modeling to simulate the exact Flaperon in sea trials and likewise shared all of his information with the wider MH370 neighborhood.

Industrial pilots such as Barry Martin and Andrew Banks have also made invaluable contributions to the search for MH370 in several papers.

Now Mr Godfrey has further developed the WSPR technology which does not recommend any other resting place but can give us a more accurate location as well as give us an accurate flight path between hourly satellite TV to PC monitoring I tell more.

There are, of course, opponents of properly credentialed and well-meaning advisors, although those who are skeptical are balanced with those who say it’s credible – too credible.

This web site totally helps Mr Godfrey who is clearly a brilliant man and with really good intentions. He deserves help from all MH370 neighborhoods.

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