‘Israel to send experts, aid India with technology to fight

‘Israel to send experts, aid India with technology to fight

As India continues to receive medical aid from various countries internationally, Israel’s Ambassador to India Dr Ron Malka spoke to the Republic Media Community only on Sunday evening. During his conversation with Republic TV, Dr. Ron Malka spoke at length about the medical aid being given to India from Israel and what other methods can be adopted to fight the deadly.

Israel’s Ambassador to India talks to Republic TV

First of all, let me tell you that we were very impressed by the incident where Israelis gathered to chant “Om Namah Shivay” for the betterment of India. As India continues to receive aid from your country through oxygen turbines, oxygen concentrators and some other medical equipment, can you tell us how carefully Israel is dealing with India?

It is very exciting to see how the people of Israel are coming forward to help India. This consignment of medical aid being sent to India is from people to people, from the people of Israel to the people of India. After being informed of the disaster facing our good friend India, our minister designated a Special Activity Staff, who was responsible for organizing and controlling the various ministries. This special activity employee was also responsible for coordination between the public sector and the non-public sector.

Completely different medical gear like oxygen concentrators, oxygen turbines, respirators and other life-saving equipment are being shipped from Israel to India and many more to come back. We are looking, to hunt every nook and corner in Israel and collect as much gear as we can to send to India.

As I said, these devices are coming from both private and non-private sector of the country. Israelis are looking for equipment in homes, warehouses and elsewhere. Whatever equipment is not in use in the country, it is now being sent all over India. We try the most effective equipments to ship to our valued good friend India.

As you have personally supervised the whole operation. As you mentioned, Israel’s private sector and defense sector have come together. Can you please give us additional information about this coordination.

As mentioned earlier, we are also joining hands with the private sector. As far as the defense sector is concerned, they are not only exporting current medical equipment but also manufacturing specialized equipment to be shipped to India. Apart from this, if anyone else wants to contribute for India, then he can also do it by going surfing. It is not just limited to export of medical equipment, delegation from Israel may also come to share our medical arrangements to fight the pandemic.

A team of consultants from Israel is coming to India soon for training and to establish options for early detection. What does Israel have to offer to India through this fast detection technology?

This is a completely different kind of applied science. As far as fast check services are concerned, we are going to set up factories and hubs for manufacturing Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen Turbines to consultants from various companies in India, which have been found to be very helpful in fighting the pandemic. As India acquires expertise and can learn to use it, its position will increase significantly.

Apart from the shortage of medical supplies, India is also grappling with the problem of mass vaccination. As we all know Israel also went for an all-round vaccination programme. How can we see India and Israel cooperation as a vaccine problem?

First of all, I would like to point out that although we are helping at this time, we have not forgotten how India initially helped Israel by sending back thousands of stranded Israelis in the face of this pandemic by sending back protective gear, medicines and so on. has helped. India. All the Israeli countries were able to return home only with the special cooperation of India. Each Israel and India share strong values ​​of friendship.

With regard to vaccination, we have now realized that it is the most optimal solution to fight and defeat this pandemic. We had effectively signed a contract with different vaccine producers. So as soon as approval is granted, we aim to have a large population vaccine as soon as possible. In about three months, we were able to vaccinate 90% of the population of the entire country. It was vaccinating a large part of the country’s population that really helped us overcome this pandemic. Now Israel is completely open and now we do not even ask people to wear masks.

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