Instagram users affected by bug, head Adam Mosseri apologises

Instagram users affected by bug, head Adam Mosseri apologises

The head of FB-owned Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has issued an apology for a bug that caused the person’s post to be taken down. A number of activists also criticized the bug created by the platform as they were busy running awareness campaigns about the paucity of indigenous women.

These activists were questioning Instagram’s removal of unexplained posts and were curious to know whether they were deleted intentionally. Clarifying the company’s stance, Mosseri said the bug has affected Instagram customers around the world and caused problems related to the posting of content, including stories, highlights and archives.

“Yesterday we encountered a technical bug that affected the stories, highlights and archives of millions of people all over the world. For those affected by this bug, they noticed that their tales who were re-sharing the post disappeared were done and their collections and highlights were lacking,” Mosseri said in a collection of tweets.

He said, “Many people thought we were deleting their content because of the content they posted or the hashtags they used, however this bug was not linked to the content content itself, but a wider situation that It has been decided now,” he said.

However, this is not the first time such an incident has created a ruckus. In March, the same incident occurred where Instagram ‘unintentionally’ unveiled a new feature that removes the same reliance on Instagram feed posts, allowing an author to see it and it would almost certainly become a bug, as Shown by Instagram.

“We are testing a new feature to cover likes on feed posts. We just inadvertently added more people to the test, which was a bug – we are fixing this situation and getting these people back as soon as possible.” Restoring the same number soon,” tweeted the official Instagram coms account.

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