Artwork Spans Fifty Years Of Display Technology

Artwork Spans Fifty Years Of Display Technology

Swiss artist and designer [Jürg Lehny] was commissioned to create a painting called Four Transitions which is housed within the Heck (House of Electronics Arts) in Basel. This piece shows adjustments in applied science used by public data show, reminiscent of preparing airports and stations. As the title of the set up suggests, 4 completely different applied sciences are represented:

The final job is to keep a way, though equally attention-grabbing is the summary of the design and build process that [Jurg] lays out on Twitter.

We hope he expands on this right in a future, additional detailed writeup – if entirely to study reverse engineering the 20 12-month-old LCD controller whose designer was in retirement. His tweets also give us a fascinating glimpse into the software programs, controllers, and interconnections used to drive all these shows.

There may be various attention-grabbing engineering in the background, and we look forward to future documentation from [Jurg].

Chances are you [Jurg] will accept that as the makers of the Hector, a graffiti output device from 2002 that we at Hackaday referred to over the years. Watch the short video below of the ongoing show, and make sure you unmute the volume so you can probably notice the satisfying sound of the 735 flip-dots changing position. [Jürg] also provides interviews regarding the venture in the second video below. Because of [Niklas Roy] for sending in a tip about this most interesting exhibition.

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